Basic Tune-up - 60

Adjust front and rear derailleurs

Adjust front and rear brakes

True wheels

Check & adjust bearing assemblies (hubs,

bottom bracket, headset)

Bolt check of the entire bicycle

Check saddle and stem alignment

Inflate tires 

Lube chain

Frame wipedown


Expert Tune-up - 90

Includes basic tune-up plus:

Complete removal of the drivetrain

for degreasing/cleaning (crankset, chain, 


Removal/inspection/cleaning of bottom


Installation of new brake/shift cables and housing included


Custom Bike Build - 200

Complete build of bicycle with customer supplied 

frame and components

Includes cutting steerer of fork to customer 


Cutting hydraulic brake lines to length and 

brake bleed if necessary



Basic Bike Build - 80

Assembly of bike from box or travel case 


Bicycle Pick up and Delivery

Round Trip

NE ABQ -10

SE ABQ -15

NW/SW -20

Rio Rancho -25

Cedar Crest/Sandia Park/Tijeras -25


Tube Install each -10

Tire Install each -12

Spoke Replacement Front -20

Spoke Replacement Rear -25

Wheel True 20

Tubeless Conversion per wheel 

(tubeless tape and sealant included -30

Hub adjust each -15

Hub overhaul/bearing replace -35




Bottom Bracket Install -30

Chain Install -10

Chainring Install -20

Crankset Install -30

Cassette/Freewheel Install -15

Derailleur Adjust each -15

Derailleur Cable Install -15

Derailleur Install each -25

Derailleur Hanger Alignment -20

Derailleur Hanger Install -15

Pedal Install -10




Fork Seal/Fluid Service -60

Shock Seal Service -40

Rear Shock Install -25

Fork Install -40

Air shaft install -60


Adjust brake 

(caliper/v-brake/cantilever) -10

Brake bleed each -30

Brake cable install -15

Brake install

(caliper/v-brake/cantilever) -20

Disc brake install 

(includes brake bleed if necessary) -35

Brake pad install 

(caliper/v-brake/cantilever/disc) -10

Rotor install -10

Rotor true/straightening -15



Shifter flush each -10

Shifter install road each -25

Shifter install MTB/hybrid each -20



Adjust -15

Install -35


Accessory Install

Grips, stem, saddle -5

kickstand -10

Rack -15

Road handlebar -25

Flat handlebar -20

Road handlebar wrap -20