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Pick-up and delivery fee (roundtrip)

Albuquerque NE/SE $25

Albuquerque NW/SW $35

Rio Rancho /Bernalillo/Sandia Park/Cedar Crest $60


Variable service fee for on site-repairs depending on location

Only simple service such as tube replacements, shift adjustments, etc. done on site

  Basic Tune-up - $79

Adjust front and rear derailleurs

Adjust front and rear brakes

True wheels

Check & adjust bearing assemblies (hubs,

bottom bracket, headset)

Bolt check of the entire bicycle

Check saddle and stem alignment

Inflate tires 

Lube chain

Frame wipedown


Expert Tune-up - $120

Includes basic tune-up plus:

Complete removal of the drivetrain

for degreasing/cleaning (crankset, chain, 


Removal/inspection/cleaning of bottom


Installation of new brake/shift cables and housing included


Custom Bike Build -$200/$160

Complete build of bicycle with customer supplied 

frame and components Discounted to $160 if components bought from Albuquerque Mobile BIcycle Mechanic

Includes cutting steerer of fork to customer 


Cutting hydraulic brake lines to length and 

brake bleed if necessary


Basic Bike Build - $100

Assembly of bike from box or travel case


Tube Install each -12

Tire Install each -12

Spoke Replacement Front -20

Spoke Replacement Rear -25

Wheel True 20

Tubeless Conversion per wheel 

(tubeless tape and sealant included -30

Hub adjust each -15

Hub overhaul/bearing replace -35

Standard inner tube all sizes - 10

Standard inner tube with sealant (slime) - 15


Bottom Bracket Install -30

Chain Install -15

Chainring Install -20

Crankset Install -35

Cassette/Freewheel Install -25

Derailleur Adjust each -20

Derailleur Cable Install -20

Derailleur Install each -35

Derailleur Hanger Alignment -30

Derailleur Hanger Install -20

Pedal Install -10




Fork Seal/Fluid Service -60

Shock Seal Service -35

Rear Shock Install -25

Fork Install -50

Air shaft install -65


Adjust brake 

(caliper/v-brake/cantilever) -15

Brake bleed each -35

Brake cable install -20

Brake install

(caliper/v-brake/cantilever) -25

Disc brake install 

(includes brake bleed if necessary) -50

Brake pad install 

(caliper/v-brake/cantilever/disc) -20

Rotor install -10

Rotor true/straightening -15



Shifter flush each -15

Shifter install road each -40

(includes bar wrap)

Shifter install MTB/hybrid each -20



Adjustment -15

Install -40


Accessory Install

Grips, stem, saddle -10

kickstand -15

Rack -25

Road handlebar -25

Flat handlebar -20

Road handlebar wrap -20